Do No Harm:

how racism kills

Our Mission

Do No Harm: how racism kills is an online platform that provides context and encourages future learning about historical and contemporary racial literacy in relation to healthcare and the systems which affect it. We aim to highlight how a healthcare system founded upon white supremacist ideals has allowed for providers and policy makers to weaponize healthcare and scientific research against Black communities. With this in mind, we are advocating that all aspiring healthcare providers expand their understanding of the deep roots of racism in medicine. Despite the reliance upon Black people in the development of medicine and healthcare we are often regarded as absent from these systems, thus this platform also serves to document our lived experiences and histories and expand upon conceptions of Black health. 

In doing this work we also want to make it absolutely clear that true health equity, more specifically health justice, cannot exist within the settler colony that is the United States. The US has and continues to commit genocide against the Indigenous people of this land in their establishment of a white supremacist state, the only way to achieve health equity and justice is through the abolition of the US and a return of Indigenous sovereignty. We are a stolen/displaced people on stolen land; Black liberation and Indigenous sovereignty have always been and always will be interconnected.

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